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Jeanyung Chey, Ph.D 

Professor of Psychology and Brain Sciences


Department of Psychology

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Research Interests


Cognitive and Social Risks of Dementias

Cognitive Reserve and its manifestation in the Brain

Dementia, its clinical manifestation in different cultures

Education and its Neural Correlates

Stress, Depression, and Memory

Decision-making in Schizophrenia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Aging

Individual Differences in Functional and Structural Connectivity

Cognitive Control and Brain Plasticity

Development of Novel Tools to assess Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Function

Books Chapters

  • 최진영 (2018).  이상행동의 기원. 더 알고 싶은 심리학. 한국심리학회 편. 서울 : 학지사

  • 최진영, 박은희 (2015). 제 13장 신경심리평가. 노인정신의학. 대한노인정신의학회 편. 개정2판. 서울 : 엠엘커뮤니케이션.

  • Chey, J. & Park, H. (2011). Neuropsychology in Korea. In D. Fuji (Ed.) The Neuropsychology in Asian Americans.                          Psychology Press. Pp. 247-267.

  • 최진영 (2004).  한국 노인의 치매.  성영신, (편집).  마음을 움직이는 뇌, 뇌를 움직이는 마음.  해나무: 파주.


Selected articles


  • Kim, J., Chey, J., Kim, S.E., Kim, H. (2015)  The effect of education on regional brain metabolism and its functional                    connectivity in an aged population utilizing positron emission tomography.  Neuroscience Research, 94,                          51~60.


  • Baek, M.J., Kim, H.J., Ryu, H., J., Lee, S.H., Han, S.H., Na, H.R., Chang, Y.H., Chey, J., & Kim, S.Y. (2011).  The usefulness                of the story recall test in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.  Aging,                                     Neuropsychology, and Cognition, 18, 2, 214-229.


  • Kim, H., & Chey, J. (2010). Effects of education, literacy, and dementia on the Clock Drawing Test performance.                        Journal of International Neuropsychological Society, 16, 6, 1138-1146.

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  • 석정서, 최진영, 김호영 (2010). 한국판 치매 평가 검사 (K-DRS)의 2차 규준 연구. 한국심리학회지: 임상, 29, 2, 559-572.


  • Kim, M. J., Chey, J., Chung, A., Bae, S., Khang, H., Ham, B., Yoon, S.J., Jeong, D.U. Lyoo, I.K. (2008).  Diminished rostral              anterior cingulate activity in response to threat-related events in posttraumatic stress disorder. Journal of                      Psychiatric Research, 42,2, 268-277.

  • Kim, H., Lee, D., Shin, Y. M., Chey, J. (2007). Impaired strategic decision-making in schizophrenia. Brain Research,                 1180, 90-100.


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  • Chey, J. & Holzman, P.S. (1997) Perceptual organization in schizophrenia: The Utilization of the Gestalt principles.                  Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 106, 4, 530-538.